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Missing USEParallel Parameter from BLOCKPROC function in my matlab

Hi everyone I have applied an algorithm and it is too much slow thats why I intended to use 'UseParallel' parameter in BLOCKPROC function for matlabpool command.But I am getting an error saying
UNknown paramter 'USE PARALLEL ' in BLOCKPROC function.
Any help is appreciated I am using matlab version (7.11.0(R2010b).


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1 Answer

Answer by Jill Reese
on 8 Mar 2013
 Accepted Answer

The UseParallel option to blockproc was added in MATLAB version R2011b. That is why you are seeing an "unknown parameter" error message in R2010b.


So it means i need to install R2010b version..there is no solution with existing one?
Yes, if you are currently under maintanence you can upgrade your version of MATLAB to R2011b or more recent in order to leverage the 'UseParallel' parameter to blockproc. Unfortunately there is no way to access this feature in MATLAB R2010b.

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