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rounding and displaying datetime in plot x-axis

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I want to display the energy versus the time of up to 15 measurements. Currently I can either get a satisfying number and position of ticks but with an annoying date stamp (option 1) or can remove the date stamp but get a weird rounding error. I would like to get rid of the date stamp while keeping the options to have "round" values of my datetime.
Figure 1 is option 1 and figure 2 is option 2.
option 1 option 2
You find a sample code further beneath (I adjusted it so you can run it yourself, in my case the data is extracted from a text file and the datetime is not always the same vector, but all measurements are done within a day and to not go over midnight), to switch from option 1 to 2 simply uncomment BOTH lines with
%ax = gca;
%ax.XTickLabel = datestr(linspace(xtick_start,xtick_end,NumTicks),'HH:mm');
I hope the solution is straightforwar and I was just too stupid to realize my mistake... Many thanks in advance either way
n_experiments = 5;
n_length = 10;
%generate random data (not done in my application)
for i_n_experiments = 1:n_experiments
t1 = datetime(2013,11,1,8,0,0);
t2 = datetime(2013,11,1,15,30,0);
test_data(i_n_experiments).datetime = linspace(t1,t2,n_length);
test_data(i_n_experiments).E = rand(n_length,1);
%define some quantities related to the size of the structure array
[~,n_series] = size(test_data);
n_series_vec = 1:n_series;
ax_vec = zeros(1,n_series);
t = tiledlayout('flow');
for i = 1:n_series
ax_vec(i) = nexttile;
plot(test_data(i).datetime, test_data(i).E, 'Linewidth', 4)
NumTicks = 5; %define number of ticks displayed
xtick_start = dateshift(test_data(i).datetime(1), 'end', 'hour'); %round the datetime, so labels of adjacent graphs won't overlap
xtick_end = dateshift(test_data(i).datetime(end), 'start', 'hour');
%ax = gca;
%ax.XTickLabel = datestr(linspace(xtick_start,xtick_end,NumTicks),'HH:mm');
%synchronize y axis

Accepted Answer

Divija Aleti
Divija Aleti on 30 Nov 2020
Hi Joel,
In the code for 'option 2' which you have given above, replace
ax.XTickLabel = datestr(linspace(xtick_start,xtick_end,NumTicks),'HH:mm');
ax.XTickLabel = datestr(linspace(xtick_start,xtick_end,NumTicks),'HH:MM');
to get the desired output.
This is because 'mm' (small letters) indicates the 'month' in two digits while 'MM' (capital letters) indicates the 'minute' in two digits.
Have a look at the following link for additional information:

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