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how can I put xls data in to 2D lookup table toolbox in simulink

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hi... can help me to put this data in to 2D lookup table /simulink toolbox
flow pressure
0 5.00202
3.01724 5.00202
7.75862 4.93193
12.5 4.83193
16.8103 4.73193
21.9828 4.63193
28.0172 4.52185
35.3448 4.42185
41.3793 4.31176
50.431 4.20168
59.0517 4.10168
66.3793 4.009
athraa sab
athraa sab on 27 Nov 2020
I have model circut design should using 2D not 1D... When open the 2Dlookup tables want from me to put tabledata, breakpoibts1, breakpoints2 I have this table above. How can i put them in 2DLookup table

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Accepted Answer

Sulaymon Eshkabilov
Sulaymon Eshkabilov on 27 Nov 2020
You'd need to employ:
(1) [From Spreadsheet] block in order to read your data in MS Excel file. Note that you can specify in your MS Excel data file Column 1 to be time series or skip (select from drop down options of the block), and Column 2 to be signal 1. SImilarly, you'd specify for signal 2.
(2) [2D Lookup Table] block from Simulink Library.
How to handle parameter specifications of [From Spreadsheet] block see -
Good luck.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 28 Nov 2020
WIth the angular speed being constant, you do not have two independent variables and one dependent variable.

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