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Geobubble, Line plot, and push button in one figure

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How can I plot a geobubble, a line plot, and a pushbutton all in one figure. I tried using uicontrol but I was a bit confused. If maybe someone could provide an example, that would be very helpful.

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Sahithi Kanumarlapudi
Sahithi Kanumarlapudi on 15 Dec 2020
From your question I understand that you would like to create geobubble, push button and line plot on a single figure. You can achiveve that with the 'parent' property of all the three components.
For example, the below code creates geobubble and push button on a single figure
f = uifigure;
tsunamis = readtable('tsunamis.xlsx');
tsunamis.Cause = categorical(tsunamis.Cause);
g = geobubble(f,tsunamis,'Latitude','Longitude', ...
p = uibutton(f);
Using this 'parent' property as per your requirement might help you.
Hope this helps!


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