Is there a existing way to get access to a class instance structure while having access only to the object handle??

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Hello, I am new to OOP, GUI's and Matlab. With that upfront, I am developing a GUI using classes I've developed. I have a callback routine like this:
[end of main]
function ebDx_Callback(objH,~,handles)
objH.classMethod % this crashes... I am assigning a field to a struct
My question: is there an easy way to get access to the structure for which objH is the handle (a double).
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 29 Mar 2013
Is ebDx.eBx a handle to an edit box, or a handle to a class? If it is a handle to a class, then how is the Callback getting activated? If it is a handle to an edit box, then where does the class come into this?

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Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski on 29 Mar 2013
s = get(objH) %?
Perhaps you could show a minimal class that throws the error. Also, have you seen Steve's blog on GUIs made with classes?
Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski on 29 Mar 2013
Huh, I'm not clear? Please provide a minimal working example. Perhaps a simple class with one figure and editbox.

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Darik on 29 Mar 2013
It looks to me like ebDx is a handle object, and ebDx.eBx is a uicontrol handle? (Those are awful variable names, by the way)
If that's the case, you want something like
set(ebDx.eBx,'Callback',@(uicontrol_handle, event)ebDx_Callback(ebDx, uicontrol_handle, event, handles))
function ebDx_Callback(object_handle, uicontrol_handle, ~,handles)
object_handle.classMethod (...)


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