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download data from http servers

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Hello, community
I am trying to download data from cddis server (Troposphere products of IGS stations), but cddis server no longer offer data via ftp server, it offers now data via http server.
this is the link I want to download data from
I want to download data of whole year of 2017 for station (chur)
I know urlread, and urlwrite, and websave commands, but those allow me to save the contents of the webpage not download data from it
any suggestions/help please

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Gouri Chennuru
Gouri Chennuru on 15 Dec 2020
Hi Ebtesam,
As per my understaning you are trying to download data from the web server.
You can refer to the following link
Read the data using webread function and store the data in terms of structure array
You can save the structure array in the workspace and extract the data.
Hope this Helps!
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Ebtesam Farid
Ebtesam Farid on 15 Dec 2020
Hi Gouri,
I know webread, but webread let me saving the contents of the webpage and store it in array and extract it, but here I have a number of files (in zipped format) that's uploader to that http server, and I want to download them.

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