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Is it possible to set a remote folder on HPC as a current folder?

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Mostafa on 13 Dec 2020
Commented: Mostafa on 19 Dec 2020
Hi everyone!
I would like to know if there is any way to set the current folder on a remote location. I am working using matlab parallel server and since my data is huge I put data and functions inside a folder DATA locatd in the cluster and send job by batch as follow:
c = parcluster('short');
job = batch(c, 'forHPC', 'Pool', 27, 'CurrentFolder', '~/DATA', 'AutoAddClientPath', false, 'AutoAttachFiles', false);
It perfectly works without transferring data between my computer and workers and finally it saves outputs in the folder DATA in the cluster.
I want to do the same thing in the interactive mode inside Matlab. Put differently, I would like to work with matlab interactively on my computer while my workers and current folder are remote to avoid trasferring data. Is it possible?
Any idea is highly appriciated.

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Raymond Norris
Raymond Norris on 15 Dec 2020
Can you provide a bit more info on how you'd like this to work. Given that you're using parcluster, batch, etc., I suspect you're also familiar with parpool -- is that what you mean by running MATLAb in interactive mode? Would the following work?
c = parcluster('short');
p = parpool(c,28);
pctRunOnAll cd ~/DATA
forHpc runs locally, except when you hit parfor, spmd, etc. That code (e.g. parfor) will be run on the cluster and the workers will run in ~/DATA. Any code in forHpc that is not embedded within a parfor or spmd block, distributed array, will be run on your local machine.
Does this address what you're asking? You didn't mention if your local machine and the cluster share a mount disk. Is ~/DATA reachable from your local machine?
Mostafa on 19 Dec 2020
The original forHpc uses several functions that I already created but I shortened it to the follwing code and still get the same error:
mdlSVMsmallOpt = fitcsvm(smallTT, 'o_member', 'OptimizeHyperparameters','auto',...
'expected-improvement-plus','ShowPlots', false ,'UseParallel', true)) ;
save('mdlSVMsmallOpt.mat', 'mdlSVMsmallOpt')

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