Calculate the mean of multiple 3D arrays layer by layer

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Code is provided below but is inefficient. Is there a more elegant way?
Let's say I have 2 3D arrays: matrix1 and matrix2 both of the same dimension e.g. 10x10x3
How could I calculate the element-average between layer1 of matrix1 and matrix2 and do that for all 3 layers so the final outcome is another 10x10x3 matrix avgMat where avgMat(:, :, 1) is the mean of matrix1(:, :, 1) and matrix2(:, :, 1)?
m1 = cat(3,matrix1(:,:,1),matrix2(:,:,1));
m2 = cat(3,matrix1(:,:,2),matrix2(:,:,2));
m3 = cat(3,matrix1(:,:,3),matrix2(:,:,3));
avgMat=cat(3,m1, m2, m3)

Accepted Answer

Ameer Hamza
Ameer Hamza on 21 Dec 2020
Edited: Ameer Hamza on 21 Dec 2020
I am not sure why you are concerned about the layers. You are just taking an element-wise average of two matrices. Talking about layers is just making your problem more confusing. The following is equivalent to your code.
avgMat = (matrix1+matrix2)/2
Just in case you are intentionally looking for something confusing
avgMat2 = mean(cat(4, matrix1, matrix2), 4)

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