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function lla2flat in R2020a

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宁宇 张
宁宇 张 on 25 Dec 2020
Commented: 宁宇 张 on 29 Dec 2020
in the algorithm explanation of function lla2flat, the following equation is used:
Why is "atan" used in this equation? According to my knowledge delta arc length(metre) should be equal to angle(rad) by radius(metre).


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Gaurav Garg
Gaurav Garg on 28 Dec 2020
You can look into the references for the function lla2flat for any information.

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宁宇 张
宁宇 张 on 29 Dec 2020
This question is raised exactly because I looked into the reference. The equation is cited from the help document. I doubt that here the "atan" should not be used based on geometric calculation. Could you pls provide me further infomation to prove the correctness of this function? I guess maybe this is because of some algorithm or data type reasons that I dont know. Thank you very much in advance!

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