Anyone here solves MATLAB problems as 'part-time job' ?

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Muzakkir on 6 Apr 2013
Answered: BERGHOUT Tarek on 5 Feb 2019
Like the question stated above, I really need someone's favor to help me solve Matlab problem involving Simulated Annealing (SA) and Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO). (either one also acceptable)
It's quite a simple problem actually, something like TSP problem. There's already solution using GA, but i need to do the same, using SA and PSO. So i need help from someone familiar with SA/PSO.
I will pay. Please, anyone.
Thx in advance
Muzakkir on 17 Apr 2013
@Matt & Image, okay. thanks for dropping by my question anyways.
By the way guys, if you still want to offer just a lil help, do you have any idea, for my second case, what SIMPLE prob should i choose & do ? The first prob was TSP. And if possible, with example of paper maybe ?

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Answers (4)

Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski on 16 Apr 2013
I work > full-time solving MATLAB problems :)
Muzakkir on 17 Apr 2013
Walter answered it on the above comments. It's Private Message. I sent you a message thru mathworks because i don't know your email

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Noah on 16 Apr 2013
Do you still need help on this?
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Muzakkir on 16 Apr 2013
Yes of course ! Can you ? I mean, will you help me on this ?

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Sapam Jaya
Sapam Jaya on 18 Oct 2013
stop uusing jargons like PM
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 12 Nov 2013
I would point out that Muzakkir was writing to Sean, not to you.
It would be difficult for the posters to ask Questions and for the volunteers to answer if everyone had to stop and figure out how to explain everything in terms that you, Sapam, would understand.
(For one thing, you haven't told us anything about what kinds of things you do understand, and at what level. You do something with image processing, okay, but if someone asks about processing chirps for radar applications, and is trying to write the question in terms that you can understand even though chances are that you will never look at the question, then can the person writing the question assume that you know what "string" is?)

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BERGHOUT Tarek on 5 Feb 2019
contact me for any problems you want to solve

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