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Storing Multiple Matrices from a For Loop

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How do I index and store multiple matrices as a run through a for loop? For instance, I generate a 10x10 matrix the first time through and I want to store this result for access later before proceeding to the next matrix generation.

Accepted Answer

Cedric on 7 Apr 2013
Edited: Cedric on 7 Apr 2013
You can use a cell array, e.g
n = 10 ;
M = cell(n, 1) ;
for k = 1 : n
M{k} = 20*k + rand(10) ;
you can see that each
M{1}, M{2}, etc
is a the 10x10 matrix defined at a specific iteration of the loop.
Note the difference between regular block indexing with () and accessing cells content with {}:
is cell #1 of the cell array M, whereas
is the content of cell #1 (in the present case, it is a 10x10 matrix).
Bryan Guilcapi
Bryan Guilcapi on 20 Jul 2022
Hi, i have a question, is possible to plot all this cell in one plot calling the data that are inside of the cell?

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More Answers (2)

Saeed Bello
Saeed Bello on 7 Aug 2017
You can use a three-dimensional matrix e.g.
for i = 1:8 % no. of iteration
S(:, :, i) = myfunx(i,10); % 10 x 10 output
Then you can access each iteration by calling S(:, : , 1) or S(:, : , 2) or S(:, : , 3) and so on. Source:
ELIAS PERATICOS on 27 Apr 2018
Saeed Bello, thanks a lot this was very useful.
rees adah
rees adah on 31 Oct 2018
I also have a similar problem but this solution didn't work for me.i intend to store the matrices coming from a nested for loop into a multidimensional array and reference it do I do that please?

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D.K. Rao
D.K. Rao on 1 Jul 2017
Thank you very much Cedric Wannaz


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