Image segmentation to remove all background objects

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Good daya and dear Matlab users
Could someone please help me on image segmention? I have an image of a patient lying down on a treatemnt table. I would like to have the image of the patient free from all the bacground objects.
Attached is a copy of the image and its data. thanks in anticipation of your help.

Accepted Answer

Nitin Kapgate
Nitin Kapgate on 13 Jan 2021
You can refer to the Image Segmentation in MATLAB page to learn about Image Segmentation in general and how to get it done in MATLAB.
I would suggest you to use the Image Segmenter App in MATLAB to interactively segment an Image.
The Image Segmenter App provides access to many different ways to segment an image. Using the Image Segmenter can be an iterative process where you might try several of the segmentation options.
Some segmentation techniques might work better with certain types of images than others. After segmenting an image, you can save the binary mask.

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