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Illustration of Frequency Response (magnitude and phase response)

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Muhammad Bello
Muhammad Bello on 9 Jan 2021
Answered: Paul on 10 Jan 2021
I have a list of frequency values (10hz to 1Mhz), output voltages and phase difference angles. But I don't know how I can go about plotting the frequency response


dpb on 9 Jan 2021
Wouldn't it just be to plot() the two variables vs the frequency vector?
Muhammad Bello
Muhammad Bello on 10 Jan 2021
I actually have 3 list of values: Frequency, Output Voltages and Phase Difference (°). I'm basically confused on whether I should use bode or plot

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Answers (1)

Paul on 10 Jan 2021
if you wnat to plot them yourself, then use plot(), or semilogx() or whatever plotting function meets your needs.
Or you can define and frd object and then use Control System Toolbox functions, like bode(), to do the lifting
doc frd


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