How to plot a parameter assigned to each co-ordinate in a point cloud, on a point cloud

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I have a point cloud in MATLAB and I have averaged the surface variance (SV) linearly around the point cloud. I'd like to present the surface variance on the point cloud similar to how temperature is presented on an infrared image. E.g: Regions of low SV would be mainly blue and regions of high SV would be red. I am unsure where to start with this, would anyone have any advice?

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Nitin Kapgate
Nitin Kapgate on 15 Jan 2021
You can use 'pointCloud' function alongwith its 'Intensity' (grayscale intensities at each point, this maps each intensity value to a color value in the current colormap) property to create an object that stores 3-D point cloud data.
You can use 'pcshow' function to plot and visualize the 3-D point cloud data.
You cna refer to this example to learn about creating a Point Cloud bject and modifying its properties.
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Kartik Javali
Kartik Javali on 5 Feb 2021
I tried changing values of 'Intensity' but the plot seems to be unaffected by the value. I was hoping the brightness of the point is control by 'Intensity' value.. or I may be wrong in my understanding.

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