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Arrange images from a video in a 2 row 3 column grid to print on a piece of A4 paper

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Pieter Boersma
Pieter Boersma on 13 Jan 2021
Commented: Pieter Boersma on 17 Jan 2021
I have a short video of 100 frames that I could like to print out. I have used matlab to get the frames and I was wondering, to save on paper, if it was possible to arrange the images in a 2 row 3 column grid so that they were all the same size and fit on an A4 piece of printer paper. Is this something Matlab can do?


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Gaurav Garg
Gaurav Garg on 15 Jan 2021
Hi Pieter,
You can use subplot function to arrange the images in a 2x3 grid (documentation).
Further on, you can print the document using system command. You can find these documentations (1 & 2) to be of use for this task.

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