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inline matrix n x n input

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ZhenQi on 11 Apr 2013
hi guys I'm writing a program that uses the jacobian of a matrix, but whenever I input it using "inline" command it does not work. can someone help?
ex: i want to input the 2 by 2 matrix [2*x1 x2; 1.5*x3 x4]
but if i use f = inline('[2*x1 x2; 1.5*x3 x4]'); it gives me an error.
and if i use f = inline('2*x1 x2; 1.5*x3 x4'); then it's not a 2 by 2 matrix

Accepted Answer

themaze on 11 Apr 2013
The input argument to the inline function is automatically determined by searching expr for an isolated lower case alphabetic character, other than i or j, that is not part of a word formed from several alphabetic characters.
So in essence you cannot use x1 or x2 ....
You may want to try an anonymous function instead.

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