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Correlation between mother wavelet and ECG signal

Asked by remo
on 11 Apr 2013
Latest activity Answered by Wayne King
on 1 Nov 2013
Hi all,
I am doing wavelet denoising for my ECG signal. In order to choose best mother wavelet for my signal, i have to correlate it first with my input signal.
How can i correlate a mother wavelet and ECG signal in Matlab? I can correlate two ECG signals, but not a mother wavelet and a ECG signal.
This due to the fact that i cannot get mother wavelet in an array. All i get is "db4" or "db8" as a character. How can i get a mother wavelet into an array and correlate with my signal?


hi remo,
I think you may use some of the matlab functions like "morlet" to get the morlet mother wavelet and "mexh" for mecxican hat wavelet.
Hi Mr.Phani,
Thank you for your time in answering my question.
Now i am able to get Morlet wavelet in matlab. But, wavelet of interest to me is Db4,5,6 . I cannot get these wavelets since there are no builtin functions just like for Morlet wavelet.
use wavefun in matlab.we will get both wavelet and scaling function.Then change the size of the wavelet function to match with the signal and then find out correlation

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1 Answer

Answer by Wayne King
on 1 Nov 2013
 Accepted Answer

The results for wavelet denoising should not be that heavily dependent on the choice of wavelet.
For EEG data, I would recommend starting with one of Daubechies' least asymmetric wavelets with at least 4 vanishing moments, 'sym4' for example.


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