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MQTT algorithm for iot

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Anwar Alhejaili
Anwar Alhejaili on 16 Jan 2021
Answered: Gaven Henry on 15 Jul 2021
I am working on an algorithm to provide security in the MQTT protocol for IoT devices, can I implement it on the Matlab? How? Or what are the tools and libraries may used?

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Gaven Henry
Gaven Henry on 15 Jul 2021
In fact, nowadays IoT can be used in literally any field, but healthcare is especially close to me personally. There are special rules for this implementation and so on. So if you also want to work in this area, it is worthwhile studying the iot use cases in healthcare in detail, so that you are prepared in advance for the challenges that lie ahead. In addition, there is a very accessible description and help with this. I personally work in this difficult field myself and luckily I turned to them in time.


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