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How to draw binary phase diagram ??

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clear all;
G1_s=300; % 1 element pure gibbs energy
G2_s=500; % 2 element pure gibbs energy
Om_s=5000; % 1,2 element mixing enthalpy
Om_l=3000; % 1,2 element mixing enthalpy
R=1.987; % gas constant
Tm_1=600; % element1 melting temparture
Tm_2=900; % element2 melting temparture
Hm_1=2000; % element1 Heat of fusion
Hm_2=1300; % element2 Heat of fusion
Tset=[0:700:1400]; %Temparture Setting
for i =1:length(Tset)
syms x a b G_l(x) G_s(x) dG_s(x) dG_l(x) Sola Solb
G1_l=G1_s+Hm_1/Tm_1*(Tm_1-T); % element1 liquid
G2_l=G2_s+Hm_2/Tm_2*(Tm_2-T); % element2 liquid
G_s(x) = G1_s*x+G2_s*(1-x)+Om_s*x*(1-x)+R*T*(x*log(x)+(1-x)*log(1-x)); % x-G function of Gibbs energy of solid
G_l(x) = G1_l*x+G2_l*(1-x)+Om_l*x*(1-x)+R*T*(x*log(x)+(1-x)*log(1-x)); % x-G function of Gibbs energy of liquid
denk1=(((G_s(b)-G_l(a))/(b-a))==(dG_s(a))); %eq 1
denk2=(dG_s(b)==dG_l(a)); %eq 2
[Sola,Solb] = vpasolve([denk1 denk2],[a b],[0.1;0.9]);
i think there is something wrong in my code and i want to ask you what is wrong
i want to plot T versus a graph and T versus b

Accepted Answer

SaiDileep Kola
SaiDileep Kola on 20 Jan 2021
Since the solution from vpasolve is complex in this case, try to plot as real vs complex values as described here.

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