Download data from URL into my directory

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William Atkinson
William Atkinson on 19 Jan 2021
Edited: William Atkinson on 19 Jan 2021
I am trying to download data from online and I need to download a lot of netcdf files. I want to use websave but it saves the data into a html file when I want it to save the 5 netcdf files into my directory
I want to do:
filename = tile_001;
outfile = websave(filename,url);
When I do this, it creates a tile_001.html file when I want it to take the netcdf files from the url and just download them to my directory on my server.
Is their a different way to do this? I am in the right directory and everything, it just saves a html file instead of saving it in the right directory.

Answers (1)

Matt Gaidica
Matt Gaidica on 19 Jan 2021
I don't immediately see how to do this unless you know the filenames apriori or can FTP into the site and use dir().
Perhaps you can use wget either from terminal or execute it through system().

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