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Yusuf Selim KARATAS
Yusuf Selim KARATAS on 19 Jan 2021
Dear All,
I am working on NXP S32K144 with MBD tools. What I am trying to is implementing Processor in the Loop Simulation with my model.
I managed to do my model on PIL with a limited I/O(2 single inputs/ 2 single outputs). But when I increase data payload on Input or Output side, My PIL simulation goes directly to the TIMEOUT.
Our fixed-size step is 0.05 second ? (Is timeout related with that?( I guess Due to low fix-time step, more data transmission does not find enough time to complete; But since PIL is not real time, that should not occur. )
May another solution be changing baud rate of the communication? Does that effect maximum payload transmitted on communication?
How can I use much more data transmission btw My processor and my PC on PIL ?
Any help will be appreciated.

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