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what are the reserved words in Matlab 2011b

Asked by Arvind Pandey on 15 Apr 2013
Is there any command using which we can get the list of reserved words used in Matlab? ex- iskeyword command gives list of some keyword, but there are lots of other reserved words ex- realmin. we want the list of all the reservd words?

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Actually I need this list to compare the difference in its use in lower version of Matlab ( below 2007) & higher version of Matlab (2011b). I have chosen realmin example, because I found this function was not case sensitive in MATLAB 6.1 or 2006b but in MATLAB 2011b use of uppercase "REALMIN" is not same as ""realmin".

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3 Answers

Answer by Sean de Wolski
on 15 Apr 2013
Edited by Sean de Wolski
on 15 Apr 2013

You can find all of the keywords by opening iskeyword.m
edit iskeyword
As for builtin functions etc. You can test if it is a function or variable by running:
which -all your_name
This will return what everything is for the string your_name


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Answer by Walter Roberson
on 15 Apr 2013

realmin is not a reserved keyword: it is a function, and you can create a variable of the same name.
The reserved keywords are the constructs such as "if" that will always be recognized as MATLAB syntax and cannot be assigned a value.

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Ok, but realmin has some defined value by Matlab which we use in our calculation. I am in need of all those keywords, variables, function which are defined by matlab & we may need to use it some time.

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