UDP fread not returning entire datagram

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Jay on 15 Apr 2013
I have an application where I am using UDP to get data from another application. I have my UDP object in DatagramTerminateMode, and I am calling fread in my callback.
The application was working just fine until today, and I am not exactly sure what I changed. Some calls to fread are only returning 256 bytes instead of roughly 8000 bytes. If I add a command to my callback and leave off the semicolon it seems to make everything work again.
This would suggest that fread is being called before data is ready, but I am in DatagramTerminateMode so there should always be a datagram available when the callback is executed.
You may also be thinking... "are you sure that datagram isn't actually 256 bytes?" Well I am rather certain that is it not... When I debug the other application it appear to never be sending a datagram less than 8000 bytes.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 19 Apr 2013
I think you should take this to tech support.

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