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Diana Dawoud
Diana Dawoud on 20 Jan 2021
Commented: Diana Dawoud on 5 Feb 2021
I'm trying to set experiments related to the Matlab onramp coursses and I have a problem with downloading the source files used in the courses such as mydat.mat (Matlab onram course-chapter 02-section 2.3), so is there a way to have a copy of these files.

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Puru Kathuria
Puru Kathuria on 31 Jan 2021
I went through the course and I was able to load the mat files in the sections you specified. You might want to try out the load command to load the data and not try to download it explicitly.
load myData %for loading the myData.mat file into the workspace
load myData k % use this for loading the specific variable 'k' into the workspace
And as far as I understand, we cannot provide you the copy of the source files here.
If this doesnot work out, you can try launching the course again.
Hope it helps!
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Diana Dawoud
Diana Dawoud on 5 Feb 2021
I'm actually using the course in my lectures and I want the students to do the further practice on their own and provide me with the result

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