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What is wrong with this code?

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Holmbrero on 20 Jan 2021
Commented: Holmbrero on 21 Jan 2021
Why is this code not exchanging all negative numbers in Raddidifference and Truedist to NaN? Size1 is just the size of the cell array.
And also, can it be done without looping?
for n=1:Size1(2)
for k=1:Size1(1)
for i=length(Radiidifference{k,n})
if R{k,n}(i,1)<0
Radiidifference{k,n}(i,1) = NaN
Truedist{k,n}(i,1:2) = NaN
Any help would be greatly appriciated!

Answers (1)

Bob Thompson
Bob Thompson on 20 Jan 2021
I would think you could do this with cellfun and some logic, but I could be wrong.
cellfun(@(s) s((1:end)<0,1) = NaN,Radiidifference);
cellfun(@(s) s(Radiidifference{s}==NaN)=NaN,Truedist);
I haven't tested this, and I'm specifically not sure about the second portion, but the concept should be sound.
It technically still loops, that's what cellfun does, but it does clean things up a bit.


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