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matlab batch stopped in the backend

Asked by Fei
on 19 Apr 2013
I started a batch cmd as below
job5 = batch(@getHighFreqData, 1, {5}, 'Profile', 'local');
When I locked my computer and left the office, the job5 stopped working, when I unlocked the pc the 2nd day, the job5 continues to work.
Seems the job5 is only working when someone is using the pc, any ideas why? Definitely I want the job run during night.


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2 Answers

Answer by Jan
on 19 Apr 2013

Then the computer must not fall asleep. If you are working under Windows, you can use FEX: WinPower. The operating system offers such controls also.

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Answer by Jason Ross
on 19 Apr 2013

The 'local' scheduler uses the local machine's cores to process the job. If the machine falls asleep or hibernates, the job processing will stop.


Thanks. I disabled the "sleep" function and it solved my problem.
The windows should keep working if there is a matlab thread in the running status. Not sure how to set the parameters?

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