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zhiping on 12 May 2011
hello, I wrote un script for postprocessing, and I use a DOS window to explain the action of each step. But I don't want the DOS window, I prefer the window in the system of windowsXP. So What should I do? Is there any solution? Any command? Thanks in advance.
zhiping on 12 May 2011
This is the DOS windows that I use. (I use the command 'disp')
But I want to use a window en windows platform to realize the same function, not DOS windows. I don't know whether I can realize it. thanks

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Answers (2)

Martijn on 12 May 2011
I guess you use MATLAB Compiler. In that case what you could do is first implement a GUI in MATLAB for example using GUIDE or by directly using functions like UICONTROL. Then compile this GUI as "Windows Standalone Application" using DEPLOYTOOL or use the -e switch when working with MCC. (In MATLAB versions prior to R2010b you will need to use a supported Microsoft compiler to be able to hide the DOS Window).

Clemens on 12 May 2011
Maybe the predefined commands will suffice. msgbox and dialog come to mind.

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