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System Composer Activity Diagram (UML)

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Samuel Rufo
Samuel Rufo on 1 Feb 2021
Answered: Laurent Royer on 3 Feb 2021
Is it possible to implement Activity Diagrams (UML) in System Composer?
The idea would be to have the whole system development within the same tool, in order to do that, first I'd create the activity diagram(s) from whith I would extract the functions needed to implement the system and to which the requirements will be allocated.
As far as I know, system composer is able to define the architechture, its functions, but not the User Case Scenarios (through Activity Diagrams) to identify those functions. is this correct?
Thanks in advance

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Laurent Royer
Laurent Royer on 3 Feb 2021
Hi Samuel,
To date, the activity diagram is not available in System Composer. However you might be interested in having a look at this page:
Since the EFFBD standard is actually an extension of the SysML activity diagram (see p.255), depending on your use case, the SCENE support package may fit.
If you want to know more about it, I'll be happy to chat.

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