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my matalab drive is not synchronizing with the desktop version

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My matalab drive is not synchronizing with the desktop version. In the MATLAB Drive connector window it is showing Error Unable to contact MathWorks servers.
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Gareth on 6 Feb 2021
Hi Sushobhan,
Was your MATLAB Drive Connector previously able to synchronize your files to the desktop successfully?
Are you accessing the internet via a proxy server or on a different network to usual? Some anti-virus software may also erroneously block traffic causing this error to connect. If you are not using either a proxy or anti-virus software, and other applications are able to access the internet successfully then you can contact our support team from .
Best wishes,

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Abhisek Pradhan
Abhisek Pradhan on 17 Feb 2021
Try re-installing the MATLAB Drive connector and remove try removing the proxy and anti-virus setting in case they may be blocking it.
If there is an issue while re-installing the connector refer to the following link.


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