Modifying Time-Date format showing in Current Folder

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More an irritant than a problem...
How do I change the formatting of the time stamp shown in the Date Modified column of the Current Folder view?
It appears that Matlab uses the current OS locale setting, but then the rather verbose t_fmt_ampm format string rather than the shorter t_fmt formatting.
The former displays 12 hour clock "am" or "pm" then timezone. All I want is to see date and time in 24 hr form, as in normal computer file listings.

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Nitin Kapgate
Nitin Kapgate on 12 Feb 2021
MATLAB uses your operating system's short date format to display dates in both the Current Folder browser and the Command History.
To change how dates display in the Current Folder browser, change the short date format for your operating system.
Then, refresh the date display: Right-click in the Current Folder browser and select Refresh.
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Jonas Stein
Jonas Stein on 12 Feb 2023
Running Linux here. Matlab 2022b shows date like
30/12/22 12:01:30 CET
while the bash represents the date with ls for example as:
2022-12-30 12:01
The environment is set in the
$ env | grep iso
Which variable does matlab evaluate to get the date format from the OS?

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