Using loop in strings for import

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Karl on 30 Apr 2013
Answered: Jacob Lynch August on 24 Mar 2014
I have excelfiles with names "2011", "2012", "2013" that i want to read from Matlab. I want to use a for loop reading these excelfiles, since tha names are so alike.
This did not work
for i = 2011:1:2013; xlsread('adress\(i).xlsx');
It does not seem like Matlab interprest the "i" in the string at a number, but onlye as an "i". Anybody know how to solve this?
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Alessandro Renna
Alessandro Renna on 6 May 2013
You can also use
to convert the numerical variable i in a string variable and then concatenate it to the string '.xlsx'
for i=2011:1:2013
file{i}=xlsread([num2str(i) '.xlsx']);

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Accepted Answer

per isakson
per isakson on 30 Apr 2013
Edited: per isakson on 30 Apr 2013
The number, e.g. 2012, must be converted to a string. Note the double back-slash, "\\"
for ii = 2011:1:2013
[ num, txt ] = xlsread( sprintf( 'adress\\%i.xlsx', ii ) );

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Jacob Lynch August
Jacob Lynch August on 24 Mar 2014
I have a similar problem. I have data taken from multiple machines with variable conditions, and a consistent heirarchy. E.g.
  • Machine = MAA, MAB, MAC, ..., MBH
  • Condition = 100, 200, 300, ..., 800
  • Part = Gold, Platinum, Silver
File = X:\Folder\Machine\Condition_Part\dat.csv
I want to treat text as I would a numerical list in a for loop. Obviously ['MAA' 'MAB' ... 'MBH'] would just concatenate the strings into one, which is not useful. I tried variations of the following and a few functions like strcat to name the file to no avail.
for machine = {'MAA' 'MAB' 'MAC' ... 'MBH'}
for condition = {'100' '200' '300' ... '800'}
for part = {'Gold' 'Platinum' 'Silver'}
CSV = ['X:\Folder\' machine '\' condition '_' part '\dat.csv']
What's the best way to generally go about this without elseif or cases?

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