Problem DAQ device - Matlab doesn't find device properly

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First I've had problems adding a channel to my DAQ-device USB-6501 (I use Matlab2011 64bit version and the Data Acquisition Toolbox running on Win7 64bit). Those problems seemed to be solved (as it can be seen in the link ), because I realised, that MATLAB is case sensitive. Now I've got another problem.
For the task s.addAnalogOutputChannel('Dev1','ao1','Voltage')
gives out:
??? There are no CompactDAQ devices available. So I tried to search/find my devices...
If I type in:
daq.getVendors Matlab answers correctly with informations as ID, FullName, Adaptor Version etc.
But if I try :
ans =
No data acquisition devices available The Matlabs help function wants me to examine my NI MAX. This NI MAX setupt has got a selftesting function which answers postitive. I also can create a task which is working (the device makes click sounds, which I thought would be my aim)
Might it be posible, that USB-6501 is no 'COMPACT' device and the command is only working with such 'COMPACT' devices?
Or might it be, that I'm completely on the wrong way? I thought i can add a channel and after i did that my device would give out the digital signals i want?
Thank you in advance!
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Patrick on 7 May 2013
Does anybody knows the answer for my problem, or at least has a hint for my?

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Answers (1)

Sanket Mishra
Sanket Mishra on 8 Jul 2014
You cannot add AnalogOutputChannel to this device as it only supports Digital i/o and counter i/o channels.
Moreover, MATLAB 2011a 64 bit session based interface Workflow is only compatible with CompactDAQ devices. Since USB-6501 does not fall into the category of CompactDAQ,you recieve the message as "No data acquisition devices available ".
On the same note the daq.getVendors command works on MATLAB 2011a 64 bit as vendor is more abstract in nature as it consists of both Compact and Non-Compact devices.
The possible workaround is either to upgrade MATLAB or switch to 32 bit of MATLAB 2011a so that you can use legacy interface Workflow.

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