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How to draw this figure?

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I have this figure. I have the color portion. That is they are surface plot that are visible from the top. Also I plotted those points. and everything except that colored portion. Please give me some clues.
Jan on 6 May 2013
We cannot suggest a solution without known the structure of your data. It would cost some time to invent some test data in a matching structure. And afterwards it would cost additional work to adjust the suggested solution to your data. So please post the details required to draw the wanted result - the values do not matter and can be created by RAND.

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Gijs van Oort
Gijs van Oort on 6 May 2013
I guess that you are able to plot the 3D figure 'anywhere' within the axis, i.e., that you can translate and scale it the way you want. (if not, simply try to subtract a certain offset from the x and y coordinates; scaling is a little harder).
Now, plot the 3D figure at the position of the first point. Then type
hold on
and plot all the others. Then have a look at your figure from directly above:
(or play around with the view command until you have found the right angle to look at your figure if you happen to look at it from the side).

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