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How to develop regression function (Mathmatical form) from trained model using regression learner?

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How to extract regression function in term of mathmatical form (or tool or excel sheet) from trained model using regression learner (Support Vector Regression).

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Aditya Patil
Aditya Patil on 18 Feb 2021
In case of support vector machines(both for classification and regression), the score function/regression function might not be in terms of input predictors, hence it might not be possible to get the regression function. The coefficients can be obtained using
As a workaround, you can use other regression techniques such as linear regression, which derive output in terms of predictors.
Manoj kumar Beriya
Manoj kumar Beriya on 18 Feb 2021
export the model and generate code through regression learner toolbox and got a function....trainRegressionModel
function [trainedModel, validationRMSE] = trainRegressionModel(trainingData)
can call this function to excel (matlabfcn) which generate through regression learner toolbox?
How will call this function in excel matlabfcn ?

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