how to repair the error of read multiple images in one folder and proceed directly to the background removal stage and generate fractal dimension values from those images

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%-Read Folder
clear all;
image_folder = 'F:\kuliah\semester6\TA2\Implemen';
filenames = dir (fullfile(image_folder, '*.jpg'));
total_images = numel(filenames);
for n = 1:total_images
f = fullfile(image_folder, filenames(n) .name);
our_images = f;
figure (n)
%-Remove Background
citra= our_images ;
% figure, fig1=imshow(citra);
load mri
V = squeeze(citra);
% To search fractal dimension
citra4= our_images;
figure, fig1=imshow(citra4);
[n, r] = fboxcount(citra4,'slope');
df = -diff(log(n))./diff(log(r));
disp(['Df= ' num2str(mean(df(4:8)))]);
Error using montage
Expected input number 1, I, BW, or RGB, to be one of these types:
uint8, double, uint16, logical, single, int16
Error in montage>parse_inputs (line 239)
validateattributes(I, ...
Error in montage (line 168)
Error in penggabungan (line 29)

Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 15 Feb 2021
What are you trying to do with loading mri, and with montage? montage wants a variable full of images or image names. What are you doing with the squeeze and reshape?

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