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Fit data to a sinusoidal curve

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Daria Ivanchenko
Daria Ivanchenko on 18 Feb 2021
Answered: Star Strider on 18 Feb 2021
Hi! I have two plots with data, they both look like a part of sinusoid. I have to prove that the changes in these two plots start at the same time by fitting a sinusoid to them. And then I have to make sure that they have the same sinusoidal period.
I am attaching the picture. So the first and the third plots in blue color are the ones that have to be fitted to a sinusoid. You can see that both lines start to change at the same time - the meanings are getting smaller.
How can I do this?
Thank you!

Answers (1)

Star Strider
Star Strider on 18 Feb 2021
One option is to see if the approach in Curve fitting to a sinusoidal function does what you want.

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