how to calculate the area under a plot? when I use the area option, I'm not getting a satisfactory value. someone pls help me.

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the program is attatched herewith clear all; clc; t=0:0.1:2.4; %total no. of points f=1./t fs=10; %sampling frequency y=xlsread('f1 15 th new.xlsx','sheet1','L6:L29'); %original function in time Y=fft(y); %convert to Freq domain plot(f,abs(Y),'r'); a=area(f,2*abs(Y)); a

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Matt Kindig
Matt Kindig on 8 May 2013
This isn't what the area() function does. The area function plots a filled shape below the line that is passed into it. The graphics handle to the shape is returned by the function, which is unrelated to the "area" of your curve.
Use trapz() instead.
doc trapz



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