MATLAB Coder Support for C11 and Textscan()

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Hi all, Does MATLAB Coder support C11 as a target language? My guess is not, but I wonder if this is planned for a future release? In terms of text processing, does MATLAB Coder support the MATLAB function Textscan()? Again, my guess from quickly browsing the release notes is not? Thanks everyone...

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Ryan Livingston
Ryan Livingston on 4 Jun 2013
Hi Paul C11 and TEXTSCAN are both currently unsupported with MATLAB Coder. Using coder.ceval() it is possible to read from a file via C routines:
Another technique is to write your own C function which calls into FSCANF as desired and just call that method with coder.ceval().
Out of curiosity, what features of C11 would you find useful in the generated code?

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Paul Metcalf
Paul Metcalf on 5 Jun 2013
Thanks Ryan. I'm not a current user but I'm just trying to keep on top of developments for potential future projects. Do you think MATLAB Coder might offer support of Textscan() in the future (via officially supported code replacements)? Regarding C11, I suppose my main area of interest is how parfor(), simd() etc might be handled by MATLAB Coder, since C11 includes new thread.h functions for this, that are somewhat similar to the POSIX commands. I'll have a read of the documentation regarding Matlab Coder support for the Parallel Toolbox, but do you have any specific plans to support C11/C++11 as a target language? Thanks, Paul
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Ryan Livingston
Ryan Livingston on 6 Jun 2013
Unfortunately, we can't comment on the plans for supporting TEXTSCAN or C11 but your requests for those have been noted.
Currently PARFOR is supported by MATLAB Coder in generated MEX functions. OpenMP provides the parallel constructs for MATLAB Coder to do so:
Thanks for the suggestions Paul!

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