How to combine multiple curve fits in one plot?

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Hi, this is my first study in Matlab. I have used "cftool" function, and have plotted these two figures. "x", which is "VarName1" is same for both. What I want to do is combine these two figures in one plot. x axis will be same, y axis will extend to maximum y value. Briefly, I want to see all points and their fits in one graph. What am I supposed to do?
Thanks in advance.

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Daniel Pollard
Daniel Pollard on 25 Mar 2021
This was literally the top result when I googled "plot multiple graphs matlab". For future reference:
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Esra Ilhan
Esra Ilhan on 17 Mar 2022
This link does not necessarly show how to create the plots in the same figure with Curve fitting option ;)

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Matt J
Matt J on 17 Mar 2022
Edited: Matt J on 17 Mar 2022
Use the cftool to export each fit to a workspace variable cfit1 and cfit2. Then
plot(cfit1,Varname1,y); hold on
plot(cfit2,Varname1,y1); hold off
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Aynkaran on 5 Oct 2022
Edited: Aynkaran on 5 Oct 2022
I think this code is not working
t=[0 5 10 15 30 60];
COD1=[2395.8, 2142.2, 2103.2, 2096.2, 2123, 2094];
COD2=[2395.8, 2010, 1686.7, 1651, 1593.3, 1150];
COD3=[2395.8, 1131.7, 966.7, 820, 621.7, 436.7];
hold on
hold off

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