Basic opeation in matlab

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iliya on 10 Jun 2013
Hello i am very green in matlab SO sorry for simple (stupid) question.
what the difference between next command
y = input'*H(wCode,:);%H is a Matrix of NxN,
y = input*H(wCode,:);
from what i understated it takes a certain row of matrix and multiply by input vector but i cant figure out what this symbol ' dose.

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Daniel Shub
Daniel Shub on 10 Jun 2013
In this case the ' is a shorthand way of calling the ctranspose function. You may also want to look at .' which is shorthand for calling the transpose function.

Jan on 10 Jun 2013
You can simply try it in the command window:
in = 1:10;
I've avoided the name "input", because this is an important Matlab command and overwritng it can lead to unexpected results.


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