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Save listener Callback in eps format or any high resolution format

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for the Cart-Pole example and Training result (Episode Reward Chart) in RL Toolbox I am getting a static figure, that I can't save in anyway other than with the snipping tool which ruins the quality. I also tried to use the saveas command like here, but the eps or png file is coming empty and a figure 2 is opening.
Any help is much appreciated!
Reinforcement Learning
Reinforcement Learning on 1 Apr 2021
@Rik I tried that and it worked. But the .eps file isn't really so clear. If I include that in my pdf, it's pixelated for some reason. Of course I changed the format from png to epsc

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Emmanouil Tzorakoleftherakis
If you are using R2020b, you can use
help rlPlotTrainingResults
to recreate the Episode manager plot and save it as you need.
If you are using R2021a, this function is now renamed to "inspectTrainingResult".
Hope that helps
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Reinforcement Learning
Reinforcement Learning on 29 Mar 2021
I am using R2020b. Do you mean like this? I already mentioned this in the comments, it only lets me save it as .pdf or .png. The bigger issue is with the Cart-Pole Visulaizer. It doesn't seem, like I can save that in any way

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