How do I control the min and max values for colorbar within an m-file.

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I am currently writing a program that produces a movie of the position and energy level of numerous electrons in a device. I am currently using the colorbar to display the energy level but can't figure out how to set the min and max levels within the m-file. I know you can do this within the plot of each frame, but this obviously won't work for me. I'm using the plot command "scatter3". Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Answers (3)

Patrick Kalita
Patrick Kalita on 3 Feb 2011
Try using the caxis command. This command adjusts the CLim property of an axes. You can that property directly if you want more low-level control. But caxis is a quick, convenient way of doing it.
Here's a quick example:
scatter(2:9, 2:9, [], 2:9, 'filled')
caxis([1 10])

Joshua on 3 Feb 2011
I think this should work for my application. Thank you so much.

Long Hoang Van
Long Hoang Van on 12 Nov 2021
scatter(2:9, 2:9, [], 2:9, 'filled')
caxis([1 10])


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