Delete specific columns of a table

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Zeynab Mousavikhamene
Zeynab Mousavikhamene on 30 Mar 2021
Edited: MG on 30 Mar 2021
I have a huge table (more than 30 columsn) and I would like to delete all columns except the ones that I determined.
Let's say table columns names are: A, AB, TY, IU, OP, JH, KL, GF, DF, CV, MN, GF, QW
and I want to get rid of the all columns except columns: A, JH, DF, CV
Any efficent idea?

Accepted Answer

MG on 30 Mar 2021
Edited: MG on 30 Mar 2021
I'm not sure I understood your question corectly, but here is an example with a matrix with 30 columns and 5 rows with random numbers (as an example). You can create a new matix, keeping e.g. only the 1st, 7th, 10 and 11th column -- such that the new matrix contains only those 4 columns. If you want to keep the orignal table-name (or as in my exmaple, matrix name) for the new table, you can just replace new_table with table in the second line below:
Table = rand(5,30);
new_Table = table(:,[1,7,10,11])
MG on 30 Mar 2021
I agree with Walter, and If you have a table T and you do want to remove columns, say column AB, TY, you could do
T(:,{'AB', 'TY'}) = [];
or if you want to rermmovel say column 2 and 3
T(:,[2 3]) = [];

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