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Clustering of 1d array data set

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Abhishek Mani Shukla
Abhishek Mani Shukla on 5 Apr 2021
Can we use dBscan clustering algorthim for 1d array mixed data set

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Aditya Patil
Aditya Patil on 8 Apr 2021
You can use dbscan on 1d array, as below
X = rand(100,1);
dbscan(X, 0.1, 5)
However, it might not be the most appropriate one. Depending on your requirements, kmeans/kmedoids might work better.
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Abhishek Mani Shukla
Abhishek Mani Shukla on 8 Apr 2021
In our case for 1d array using dbscan gives only single cluster while the data set is mixing of two cluster.

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