Plotting two matrices with similar dimensions having one superimposed on the other while keeping the scale of one only

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Rola on 3 Feb 2011
I have a matrix that represents the thickness of a tissue derived from a raster scan. I have another matrix that represent the sensitivity measured at discreet points on that tissue. I wanted to put one on top of the other where the contour map represent the change in thickness while the discreet points represent the sensitivity. using: contour(first matrix) hold on contour (2nd matrix) the two matrices were superimposed BUT the color scale of the 1st one has been changed.
I will be grateful if you could tell me how can I fix the color coded data in the first matrix?
Thank you.

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Daniel Armyr
Daniel Armyr on 7 Feb 2011
There is a solution on file exchange that does exactly this.
Sincerely Daniel Armyr



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