MATLAB 2012b is Mostly Non-Responsive (OS X-latest)

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Hello all,
when I go to open Matlab the editing space I normally work with is present (including a file I'm working on) and the command line gives a bunch a set path warning (this happens due to my using dropbox and I've been renaming folders to increase the consistency...)
I can go to preferences and I got a big window (all gray) except a glowing blue OK button... I can max/min as usual with red, yellow, & green buttons.
I apparently was able to type something when I was kind of banging my fingers but it didn't show up until I went BACK to Matlab.
I hope I can get a bit of help (I'll be pretty damn sad without Matlab).
What can I do terminal wise??
Thanks very sincerely, Michael

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Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski on 25 Jun 2013
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Michael on 21 Oct 2013
Hey! I'm so sorry I didn't accept this earlier. I apologize!

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