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How to fill tree component nodes during app initialization?

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I'm writing an app in App Designer which contains a tree component. I would like to populate it with nodes assigned with the names of the contents of a specific folder and its sub folders. I would like to do this during app initailization, but I can't change the generated code to include a function call. What solutions are out there?

Accepted Answer

Marc Elpel
Marc Elpel on 15 Apr 2021
You are correct that the creation code is locked in App Designer. The way around this is to create a Startup function, and put your code there.
Open the app in "Design View". In the Component Browser panel click on the top level of the app hierarchy. Below where it has options for Inspector & Callbacks, select Callbacks. Assign a Startup function there. You will be able to edit that code to instantiate the tree node items as needed.

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