Index exceeds the number of array elements(3)

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Danielle sal
Danielle sal on 16 Apr 2021
Answered: Clayton Gotberg on 16 Apr 2021
For a matrix :
A=[4 1 3 1;1 4 1 3;3 1 4 1;1 3 1 4]
I have a function:
function [L,P,D]=eigen(A)
for i= 1:n-1
Temp1 = L(i);
Temp2 = L(i+1);
if closetozeroroundoff(Temp1-Temp2, 7)== 0
L(1,i+1) = L(1, i);
if rank(L) ~= n
L = closetozeroroundoff(L,7);
fprintf('all eigenvalues of A are\n')
M = unique(L);
M = transpose(M);
m = groupcounts(transpose(L));
for i = 1:n
fprintf('eigenvalue %d has multiplicity %i\n',M(i),m(i))
That is intended to find the eigenvalues (L) and then checks how many times each unique eigenvalue (M) is repeated in L. But when I it, the groupcounts gives me an error, even though the output is correct, that says Index exceeds the number of array elements(3).
How do I fix it?

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Clayton Gotberg
Clayton Gotberg on 16 Apr 2021
The error
Index exceeds the number of array elements (3).
This means that you are asking for an element beyond the boundaries of one of your arrays, which has 3 elements.
The cause
If we zoom out to
for i = 1:n
fprintf('eigenvalue %d has multiplicity %i\n',M(i),m(i))
We see that there is one indexing variable, i, which is being used in M(i) and m(i). The for loop gives i values from 1 to n, which (from earlier) is the number of columns in your input matrix. Your input matrix is 4x4, so n = 4. When the program tries to use i = 4, it calls for M(4) and m(4), which do not exist because they are beyond the boundaries of those arrays.
You can see the program works as intended for i = 1:3, so the issue is that listing the eigenvalues with their multiplicities has changed the representation from 4 eigenvalues (allowing the possibility of duplicates) to 3 eigenvalues (removing duplicates).
The solution
When you have determined the unique eigenvalues, measure the size of that array and use that size with the for loop instead.
eig_count = size(m,1) % Only returns the number of rows in m
for i = 1:eig_count
fprintf('eigenvalue %d has multiplicity %i\n',M(i),m(i))

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