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try/catch in gui

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 1 Jul 2013
Edited: Image Analyst on 1 Jul 2013
Just put it in a while loop until they get it right. Warn them like this:
message = sprintf('Error: you entered %d when you should have entered a number in the range [0,99].', theirNumber);
In general for a try/catch you can try this:
function blahblahblah()
% Some code that generates an error.
catch ME
message = sprintf('Error in blahblahblah():\n%s', ME.message);

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Pourya Alinezhad
Pourya Alinezhad on 1 Jul 2013
just check the input box you created in GUI for numbers below desired value.if input number was bigger than upper bound you can call a error message box GUI.


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