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Markus on 1 Jul 2013
When I try to save a model or mfile which is read-only, a dialog appears, asking me whether ML/SL should try to make files writable or not.
Since those files are under source-control, making them writable would lead to inconsistencies and is not an option.
Because some people working with those files might click the wrong option (Make Writable) in the dialog, I do not want it to appear. How can this be achieved - for both Matlab and Simulink?

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Jan on 1 Jul 2013
This is a job for the operating system: Restrict the write access for users, who are not allowed to save the file.
Unfortunately the dialog wil most like appear again, but the user is asked for a new file name.
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Markus on 2 Jul 2013
I think the problem is that the users shall have complete access, but only if the file is checked-out in the source-control system. Hence it is not wanted to permanently force the read-only status of a file (or something like that) on the operating system basis. I would be best to switch of this "Make Writable" in Matlab/Simulink therefore.

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